Agoura Area Moms Group

We are moms mainly from the Agoura Hills, Oak Park, & Westlake Village areas. We have regular get-togethers, playdates, nights out, and we like to have fun!


Welcome to the Agoura Area Moms Group website.

A bit of history:

We are a group of moms who used to be part of the MOMs Club of Agoura Hills, CA. Due to various reasons, the Club disbanded. We all decided that we enjoyed each other and each other's company, but didn't want the official name, so we formed this informal group. We are not affiliated with any other groups or organizations.

About us:

We are: nice, real (aka: down-to-earth), non-judgemental, supportive, fun, of varying ages & social "status", family-oriented, etc.
We are not: mean, frivolous, boring, quiet (well, some of us are), etc.

Our "mission":

We want to be a support system to each other, and to other new moms & families who live in (or have just moved to) the West Valley. We also want to be better neighbors, in our various communities, and get to know each other better.

We hope we can accomplish all these things, and more. If you have any questions about the group or about joining (there is no membership fee), feel free to email the group at


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